Laptop Won’t Connect To Wireless Network

Please try temporarily disabling the security on your wireless network and trying to connect with the problem computer. The thing is the wi-fi goes on and off, I can spend several hours with a perfect internet in the TV room, and then several hours with “connected, no internet”.

  • First, disable the WiFi adapter while using/troubleshooting the Ethernet adapter.
  • Your laptop is not connected to Internet via router and Ethernet/ Dial – In connection provided by your ISP.
  • First you need to open the « Settings » menu of your device.
  • We’ve already mentioned double-checking and re-entering the Wi-Fi password.

Usually, this happens due to a faulty or outdated driver. So, in this method, we will uninstall your wireless adapter driver.

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After you run each program, you’ll see a variety of text related to various network adapters’ displays. Depending on the hardware installed, each computer will be unique. Unfortunately, your Windows computer can’t receive network configuration information to set up the network connection for some reason. That’s why you get this network error on your Windows computer. As a result, your computer can’t access the internet or communicate with other devices in the same local network. P.S. Always post details of your connection setup especially any modem/router if present. I have never seen such default gateway value & ip range in a typical home wifi setup.

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The problem in question can arise due to several factors such as the required WLAN service not running in the background or even third-party interference. If disabling and reinstalling the wireless network adapter didn’t help, you must update its driver. Windows 10 installs a generic driver by default, but it’s a good idea to grab an up-to-date copy from the device manufacturer’s website. You must—obviously—use a device with an active internet connection for that. If you still keep receiving the “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error message, you must uninstall and reinstall the wireless network adapter on your computer. That should rule out a corrupted driver from the equation. If restarting the router or disabling/re-enabling the wireless network fix roblox adapter didn’t resolve the issue, you should force your computer into renewing the IP lease.

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