Plug your USB flash drive into your friend’s computer and google for Windows Media Creation Tool. You’ll end up on the Microsoft Web Page that allows you to download the tool. Scroll to the section that reads “Create Windows 10 installation media” and click on the “Download tool now” button. You will initiate the download of the latest version of the tool. Run the tool and it’ll connect to the internet to get the latest details from Microsoft’s servers. You’ll be presented with the License Agreement first, read through it if you wish to and then Accept the Agreement.

  • However, the pathway to this information changes with each version of Windows.
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  • I also really like its picture mode option that gives you full control over how you want the wallpaper to be applied.

It will popup a progress bar to tell you that it just installing the Tomcat server as a windows service. While still in the Shell command windows, type the commands below to logon to MariaDB database server. Type the password you enter above when prompted.

My Upgrade Is Complete Can I Delete The Setup Files?

Select options on the next screen, including your Language, Edition and Architecture We hope you have successfully managed to download Windows 10; installation is super easy. If you don’t have a system image backup, what should you do to restore the non-working PC?. Use the Universal Restore offered by MiniTool ShadowMaker Trial Edition. If Windows ever runs into a problem, use the system image file to restore your computer to its previous state.

Also, you can uninstall this program and remove the apps by heading to Programs & Features page in Control Panel. In all apps list, click on the “Games” folder to launch classic games. There are a lot of valid reasons why someone would want to play Windows 7 games on Windows 10.

Install Local Group Policy Editor Gpedit Msc In Windows 10 Home

The Pinned section shows apps that have been pinned; scroll up and down to see them all. To view a list of all your installed apps, click the All Apps button. In this case, there are also some methods can help remove forgotten password from Windows 11.

Darkside Window Tinting

Diskpart is a console disk management utility which is shipped with Windows by default. It allows you to perform all disk management operations from the command line. MySQL Server is most used open source database relational database server, source code of this project is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. From now on, when there are new versions, the PowerShell window itself will notify us of its availability. And we can use either of the two previous methods to install that new version. Here we will find two different versions.