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Rives is a quebecois sewing and knitting shop that aims to give you the resources to faccomplish your creative musings in a durable, sustainable, beautiful and comforting way. The shop offers a curated range of fabrics, haberdashery and very soon, yarn.

Rives is also a project of community. The shop offers sewing and knitting workshops, online and in person as soon as possible (hopefully soon!), and will host meet-ups and creative-making retreats.

Why Rives? Because Paule and Geneviève live along each of the Richelieu’s riversides, in Montérégie. In recent years, they have had much more in common than this beautiful part of the country. their passion for knitting, sewing, creating sustainable wardrobes, sewing and knitting patterns from indie designers, little gems of products from local source and abroad. And more recently? A thirst for new projects. A desire to be useful and inspire in a different way. Building slowly something bigger, and more concrete.

Bienvenue chez Rives!

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